Important lessons from the Governator, part 1

I bought Arnold Schwarzenegger’s autobiography “Total Recall” a little while back, but hadn’t really gotten around to reading it until recently. I believe this book is a gold mine of valuable lessons and insights for anyone unwilling to settle for mediocrity. Here’s one.

One afternoon years later we were taking turns doing squats at Gold’s gym in California. Even though Franco was stronger than me in the squat, he did only four reps and put the bar back. “I’m so tired,” he said. Just then I saw a couple girls from the beach come into the gym and went over to say hello. Then I came back and told Franco, “They don’t believe you can squat five hundred pounds.” I knew how much he loved showing off, especially when there were girls around. Sure enough, he said, “I’m gonna show them, watch this.” He picked up the 500 pounds and did ten reps. He made it look easy. This was the same body that had been too tired ten minutes before. His thighs were probably screaming “What the fuck?” 

So what had changed? The mind. Sports are so physical that it’s easy to overlook the mind’s power, but I’ve seen it demonstrated again and again.” –  Arnold Schwarzenegger

Get the book. It’s worth it.