A ‘healthy eating’ dictionary

Everyone and their moms seem to have a fierce stance on what ‘healthy eating’ really means, throwing around terms like ‘organic’, ‘detoxing’ and other confusing terms. I decided to make a short list of terms that have recently been pretty common among people interested in healthy eating. Although normally I don’t care much about semantics or health claims by random people, I do find it concerning when people are simply fed bullshit, or worse, misinformation that is potentially lethal. Tons of people have died from retarded advice from health gurus such as drinking pure water (i.e. without minerals) while fasting, excessive colon cleanses and more.

This list might give you an idea of what people are talking about whenever they mention ‘superfoods’ or ‘clean eating’. Moreover, I hope that this list will fuel some scepticism and a down-to-earth attitude when it comes to health.


Superfood: A marketing term used to sell specific nuts, fruits, seeds, etc. at higher prices than other types of food, regardless of their nutritional value.

Organic: A marketing term for a food industry that has replaced the original meaning of eating fresh, locally produced, environment-friendly, animal-friendly, in-season food with the meaning of eating hopefully environment-friendly, animal-friendly food that only uses government-approved ‘organic’ pesticides.

Antioxidants: Things you have enough of if you just eat your vegetables and fruits.

Detoxing: That thing your body continuously does just fine if you just provide it with the things it needs and don’t stuff it with excessive amounts of alcohol, (oral) performance enhancing drugs and other weird stuff.


Some people believe that coffee enemas prevent cancer. They believe that putting coffee in your pooper cleanses your body of toxins. As far as we know, it has never done much good for anyone, yet it has killed people and some ‘health experts’ still recommend it. Let that sink in for a moment.


Clean eating: I’m not sure what this means.

Natural: An arbitrary adjective that is used more often to market stuff or make people feel better about their lifestyle than to describe whether something is good or bad.

Vegetables: Things you should probably eat more of. If you think you eat enough of it, weigh 200 grams (7oz, 2-3 servings) of fresh spinach and ask yourself if you eat that (or its equivalent in broccoli or other nutritious vegetables) every single day. If yes: consider that this is the minimum recommended amount, that most people don’t reach this consistently on a daily basis and that this is a very conservative number to be hitting every day.

Insulin: Depending on who you listen to, insulin is either A HORRIFIC SUBSTANCE IN YOUR BODY THAT MAKES YOU FAT WHEN SECRETED or an often misunderstood hormone that aids in keeping blood sugar stable and storing (temporarily) excess energy in your body, either as glycogen (carbohydrate stores) or fat.



“Someone who plays roulette with people’s lives had better learn to fight – or learn to run real fast.” – Wolverine