Getting stronger, part 4: PR’s when injured

Well, why not, right?

Short summary for those that don’t want to read the whole thing: Got fatter, got stronger, all but solved my back injury.

I’m also not going to transfer cm and kg to inches and lbs all the time, you can do that here if you’re metrically impaired.


Over the last 4½ months or so, I’ve set a few PR’s in a lot of assistance exercises and a few bigger exercises… But more importantly, my back injury is as good as gone, save for a stiff lower back after a back squat session once in a while.

As for PR’s… Paused bench press: From 122 to 127.5 after not benching for a year. Front squat: From 144 tot 151. Set PR’s on back exercises like barbell rows and chin ups.

I had a powerlifting competition and a bench pressing competition for fun during this period.

Powerlifting competition in early september (where my back was still bothering me a lot) :
Squat: 140/150/160
Bench press: 120/122.5/-127.5
Deadlift: 140/150/- (skipped third attempt because my lower back didn’t feel okay)

Bench press competition at the end of november: 120/127.5/-132.5


A picture of me and my friend at the regional competition. She’s going for a regional record next year! (Actually, I’m just posting this picture because my arms and shoulders look huge here… Not sure why they do.)


In around 4½ month:

  • Bodyweight went from 84 to 97kg.
  • Bodyfat went from +-15% to somewhere over 20%. (Unreliable estimates.)
  • Waist went from 83 to 93cm.
  • Arms went from 37/38 to 40cm. (left/right)
  • Legs went from 59/58 to 61/62cm. (left/right)
  • Chest went from 109 to 116cm.

Let’s see what remains of those numbers as I lose some fat in the next two-three months. For now I’ll just eat a little less, and if I’m having trouble, I’ll roughly stick to the guidelines outlined in my Wolverine Diet.

Olympic lifts ‘feel’ better now. I will focus on technique and building up weights over the next months. Strength work will be limited now. I will stick to the following template over the week, to some extent limited by the facilities where I train:

Monday: Snatch variation or assistance, squat, upper body push, upper body pull
Tuesday: Clean & jerk, a little bit of light technique work
Wednesday: Snatch, Clean & jerk, front squat
Thursday: Clean & jerk, a little bit of light technique work
Friday: Snatch variation or assistance, squat, upper body push, upper body pull


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